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Ashburn Shooting Stars Tryouts
for 2021-2022!

  • Register below to attend the Ashburn Shooting Stars Organizational Tryout.

  • Contact coaches for details on team-level tryouts. 

  • Private tryouts available with all coaches. 

Ashburn Shooting Stars (10u)
Head Coach: Dorian Bowers - 703-673-8138,
Ashburn Shooting Stars 2028 (12u)
Co Head Coach: Brian Hurst - 703-489-2635,
        Co Head Coach:  Bryan Conley -

Ashburn Shooting Stars 2026 (14u)
Head Coach: Heather Williams - 703-728-3357,
Ashburn Shooting Stars 2025 (14u)
Head Coach: Joe Garlington - 703-798-1261,
Ashburn Shooting Stars 2024 (16u)
Head Coach: Brian Thompson - 703-408-7052,
Ashburn Shooting Stars 2022/2023 (18u)     
Head Coach: Delany Turner- 571-263-6318,
Ashburn Shooting Stars Gold (18u)
Head Coach: Richie Peterson - 703-282-1232, 


The Ashburn Shooting Stars Organizational Tryout will be at Loudoun County High School on July 28th from 4:00-9:00 PM.  Please register using the form below:
Shooting Stars


Please check all teams you want to try out for

Thanks for submitting! See you there!

For more information on becoming a Shooting Star, please follow the above link to register for the tryout, or contact the individual coaches directly.  The first organizational tryout held in 2018 had a turnout of ~250 players and the event has continued to be a great success and lots of fun!

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