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Shooting Stars Showcase

Sterling, Virginia
16-18 Oct, 2020
Unprecedented Format
***Summer 2020 event postponed due to NCAA extending the dead period and Loudoun County prohibiting tournaments***
--All team and camp refunds issues IN FULL within 2 days--
Fall 2020 Dates Announced: 16-18 October!

Our Unique Concept

Focused Time & Reps for Showcasing
One Complex
No Bad Game Times
We proved our showcase concept in 2019.  100% positive feedback: 
  • Ask any of the college coaches who were there.
  • Ask any of the teams who played.
  • Ask the multiple players who were confirmed as recruited from our event.
The Shooting Stars Showcase is different.  Run by the non-profit Ashburn Shooting Stars, there is no desire to make money.  We put the players first!
Our goal is to keep it small to ensure college exposure for every player.  There will NEVER be a second complex; the entire event will be at the Brambleton Sportsplex, 6 fields all in one complex so coaches will be in the same complex as all teams. 
We limit the total number of teams to 16 so there are no bad game times; no getting an 8AM or 8PM start that no college coach will attend. 
In 2019 the Shooting Stars zeroed-out profit to keep costs to players attending the camp and teams playing in the showcase to an absolute bare minimum to run this kind of event.  We will do the same in 2020. 
14u, 16u, and 18u teams get two showcase games on Saturday and blind draw single elimination bracket on Sunday. 
Instead of coaches spending all day to watch a PSA get one or two balls hit to them, colleges will be integrated into warmups.  On Sunday morning, all teams will have dedicated time for reps with college coaches during their warmup routines.  College coaches get to pick the drills to search for the kind of player they are looking to recruit.  During this time, there will be no games played so colleges can focus on getting a lot of reps. 
We stand against the commercialization of youth sports.  Our showcase will NEVER be stay-to-play.  There will never be gate fees for families to watch their children play softball.  







Bad Game Times

2019 Schedule

Saturday, 6 July, 850-1200 
Individual camp with instruction from coaches from 12 colleges from these conferences
Saturday, 6 July, 1230-700 
Showcase Games Featuring Highly Recruitable Players
Sunday, 7 July, 900-1000 
College Coaches provide instruction during warmups for 2022/2023 (14u) Teams
Sunday, 7 July, 1130-1230 
College Coaches provide instruction during warmups for 2020/2021 (16u) Teams

College Coaches for Summer 2020

We will announce the 12 college coaches working the camp and warmup routines only as they have committed to attend.  We will invite far more coaches for the weekend.  
We do not play the false advertising game - we pledge full transparency at any point.  For more information on exactly where each college stands (ie expected turnout, including additional colleges not working the camp), contact Shawn Gallagher (atomic175@gmail.com, 240-320-2467)
Shown below are the colleges who had committed to attend in 2020 prior to the NCAA extending the dead period until August.

College Coaches who Attended in 2019

...and former NPF player Sydney Broderick!

Teams Accepted in 2019 and 2020


News and Updates

1 June 2020
We were forced to cancel the Summer 2020 Showcase due to the NCAA extending the dead period until August and Loudoun County prohibiting all tournaments until August.  We still will play in Fall 2020!  Details coming soon...
Updates on the tournament will appear here and on social media
Facebook:    Shooting Stars Showcase
Twitter:        @s_starsshowcase

18u, 16u, and 14u Divisions - Teams May Apply Here

We will consider team applications primarily on two factors: 1) performance against national-level teams; and 2) recruitable players.  We encourage coaches to submit with their application key wins against national teams, schedules, finishes in national tournaments, and references from college coaches who are following your team. 

Cost for the Showcase is $750 per team.  Cost for the camp is $125 per player.  Profit to the Ashburn Shooting Stars is zero.  This is the bare minimum cost to run this kind of event.  In the spirit of transparency, our final balance in 2019 was $47.60, which we simply carried into 2020. 

**You may also contact the Director of the Ashburn Shooting Stars, Shawn Gallagher, for more information prior to applying at atomic175@gmail.com or 240-320-2467. 

Players: register and pay here for the Shooting Stars Showcase Camp
Teams: once accepted, pay here for the Shooting Stars Showcase
Teams:  Apply here for an Invitation to play in the Shooting Stars Showcase

Shawn Gallagher

Director, Ashburn Shooting Stars


Tel: 240-320-2467

Ashburn Girls Softball League


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